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Travel Guide - St. Louis

St. Louis, Misourri

Driving west to St. Louis was about a six hour drive from Cincinnati. After many cornfields and open space, we arrived at The Arch - the GAteway to the Midwest. As typical tourists, we had to get a closer look. When we bought our tickets to take the elevator to the top of the Arch, we noticed the Museum of Westward Expansion that was part of the educational exhibits. To our surprise, as we toured the museum, we found Sgt. Robert Banks - a Buffalo Soldier from the 10th Cavalry, Arizona Territory. Sgt. Banks was animated - he moved and talked to us aobut his experiences in the West. He said:

"When I first came west in 1867, we were two years in teh saddle chasing Indians. I remember in the winter of 1870, we had 6,000 Indians to feed. We were herding cattle for thier beef and I often had to ride at night. I felt wind and cold the likes of which I never had before.

"At least there was enought food that winter. It wasn't like that in Arizona. The Indian agent wasn't supplying the Apache and they were starving. Now we are here to keep them from leaving the reservation. Can't say I blame them for wanting to go."

The Arch & the Museum of Westward Expansion are worthwhile tourist attractions.

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