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A New Resource about the Buffalo Soldiers

Our Journey with the Buffalo Soldiers is hot off the press! It is a compilation of historical research, travel adventures, family histories, and personal stories. African American military units were established in 1866 and these soldiers had much to prove. They earned the name “Buffalo Soldiers” from Indians who held their fighting spirit in high regard. Over the years, they served in all of the military conflicts - the Indian Wars, the Spanish-American War, World War I and World War II. Stories of racial prejudice are peppered throughout their history. During World War II, the Army mechanized their equipment and these units were disbanded. [more]

The Buffalo Soldiers – 9th and 10th Cavalry Regiments
1941 Yearbook

This two-volume edition serves as a “yearbook” for the soldiers at Camp Funston-Fort Riley in 1941. Each book includes a tribute to all of the cavalrymen who died and now live in a place called “Fiddler’s Green.” Four West Point graduates are pictured as well as General Colin Powell who served as Chairman of the Joint Chief of Staff. Historical records include the patches and regiment insignia of the Buffalo Soldiers and a list of the Medal of Honor recipients. “A Troopers Story” which chronicles Harold S. Cole’s (co-editor) military service, the Buffalo Soldiers’ story, and information about the Cavalry Association are included. Recent photographs of the Buffalo Soldier postage stamp and the monument at Ft. Leavenworth bring both volumes up-to-date. [more]

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